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JEE Main 2019 Maths Syllabus, Exam tips, Important Topics list are here. Get JEE Main Maths Syllabus, preparation tips from this page now. The authority department every year conducts this exam because of with this help give the golden opportunity for the capable candidates. The eligible and interested candidates are successfully complete the registration process for the math entrance exam JEE Main Maths Syllabus because of the entrance exam is compulsory for all candidates. After the registration process starts the preparation because it is a national level exam and the competition level is very hard. The previous year conducted department is a CBSE but this year NTA/national testing agency department is conducted in this exam.

<<>>JEE Main 2019 Important Formulas<<>>

JEE Main 2019 Maths Syllabus

JEE Main Maths Syllabus, Exam tips, Important Topics listAll participating candidates are wanted to clear this entrance exam so, its clear one method for the hard work study. All candidates are starting the preparation after the registration process but the given time is not an enough for the preparation because of as this comparison the JEE Main Maths Syllabus is very large. The competition level is increased on day by day. We suggest all participant candidates before starting the preparation you can start the preparation with the help of given study material. We provide this syllabus because of according to the syllabus you can start the effective preparation.

Now, here we are discussed all the latest updates and notification about the syllabus because we know the syllabus is needed for all candidates. We provide syllabus according to the topic/chapter wise because it is very effective for the candidates and the given syllabus is fully depending on the exam pattern. The exam pattern and JEE Main Maths syllabus are almost the same as the previous year. But the authority department every year adds some new topic on the syllabus. This year NTA/national testing agency has conducted this exam in online mode.

<<>>JEE Main Maths Syllabus<<>>

JEE Main Maths Syllabus 2019

UNIT I: Sets, Relations and Functions

UNIT II: Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

<<>>JEE Main 2019 Study Material<<>>

UNIT III: Matrices and Determinants

UNIT IV: Permutations And Combinations

UNIT V: Mathematical Induction

UNIT VI: Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications

<<>>JEE Main 2019 Mock Test<<>>

UNIT VII: Sequences and Series

UNIT VIII: Limit, Continuity and Differentiability

UNIT IX: Integral Calculus

UNIT X: Differential Equations

UNIT XI: Co-ordinate Geometry

UNIT XII: Three Dimensional Geometry

UNIT XIII: Vector Algebra

UNIT XIV: Statistics and Probability

UNIT XV: Trigonometry

UNIT XVI: Mathematical Reasoning

JEE Main Maths Preparing Tips

The authority department every year conducts this exam because of with this base fill the vacant post and the government and private institute give golden opportunity. But the entrance exam is compulsory for all candidates because it is one part of the selection part. It JEE Main Maths Syllabus for all candidates help here we provide some preparation tips because according to the tips preparation you can start the best preparation. According to the study the possibility to clear their entrance exam. So, follow to give tips and start the preparation.

  • Start preparation at the proper time: Its time does not give the waste because of giving some time to yourself for better preparation. If you want to doing the preparation for 12th class to start the best preparation according to the session and then after you give should whole year for the JEE Main preparation and start the best preparation after your session exams. We suggest to all participating candidates the given JEE Main Maths Syllabus is very large so start the preparation as the needed time.
  • Be good with basics: We suggest to all candidates before jumping on the high-level question as this compare firstly you can clear your basic questions because of it is very important and good for the effective preparation. So candidates, rather than cramming and mugging up to the formulae and its included shortcut tricks. You want to clear this entrance test so, start the preparation with the help of NCERT books because of its great and very helpful for clarifying the purpose.
  • Do time-based practice: Do solve the problems and note down the time as per the question. Then after, solving a question correctly is good, but it is out of the time. Therefore, focus on the time and according to this start the preparation.
  • Identify Strength and Weakness: Now, there will be many students who will suggest any topic like as strength and weaknesses and then after you can discuss these topics with your friends. The real secret is that solve yourself after the weak topic collective and these topics and start to the hard work. About it, only candidates know yes or not.
  • Give proper time for all subjects: Now, there will be many candidates unrelated preparation, but it is very important to give time to all subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. Because of as per official notification the compulsory for clear to all subjects. We suggest to all candidates you can only one subject so, you can increase only one subject.
  • Make a formula sheet: The formula sheet is used in all places. But as this comparison it is very important you can make your own formula sheet because you can use for the better way. Also, things are easily tricked back to the prepare us. Therefore, one should make to all students for formula sheet, rather than referring to someone’s other related formulas.
  • Solve previous year papers: Here we provide the direct link for the previous papers in PDF format. With the help of given previous year papers, you can view your preparation but not solve with the answer key. Because of the self-study is the better. With this help, you can know about let the time as per the question. Also, identify the pattern and topics of the most important question according to the previous papers.

JEE Main Maths Important Topics

Here we provide some topics as related for the maths because of after the registration process all candidates need for the important topics. Follow to given steps and according to this, you can start the best preparation.

Topic Name Expected Weightage
Inverse Trigonometric Functions  2%
Circles and Family of Circles  6%
Sequence and Series  5%
Applications of Derivative  4%
Limit and Continuity  3%
Matrices and Determinants  4%
Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines  2%
3-D Geometry  5% 
 Probability and Statistics  7%
Vector Algebra  5%
Integration  8% 
Complex Numbers  5%
Parabola  3%
Trigonometric Ratios  3%
Logarithms  1%
Quadratic Equations 2%
Theory of Equations  5%
Sets, Relations and Functions  4%
Differentiation  2%
Permutation and Combination  2%. 
 Binomial Theorem    1%
Hyperbola  2%
Ellipse  2%
Fundamentals of Mathematics 2%

Here we provide all the latest updates and notification because we know it is needed for all candidates. Thanks for visiting this article. Firstly carefully regarding this article and then after if any doubt and query about it so, give a comment on the comment section. Have a good day!

JEE main 2019

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